The world famous website BALDER.ORG has come under heavy attack from Danish red fascists
(See Webstats below)

(Update: Indy Media Hacktivists aid danish struggle for Ungdomshuset)
Indymedia commenting (and defending ?) this attack against free speech

Balders comment:

Ever wondered why they don’t have free speech in China?

Because those in power are Marxists just as the antidemocratic violent left that congregates around the Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen…

Would I ever bring a lefty website down if I could?

No, I’d offer them to post on mine if they were restricted from doing it themselves.

Thats the difference between the fascist neo-left and me. I don’t even use < nofollow tags > around my links to lefty websites…

I’m a full blown Defender of Free Speech, Freeedom of the Internet and Freedom of Information

If anybody has a problem with something I write, they should let me know, and if I got some facts wrong I’ll change it immideately! I’ve done that on several occasions..

The thing is, the eventual mistakes and wrongs that might be found on’s numerous pages, are not the problem for the fascist neo-left. It’s the things that are true they want to be kept from being known.

I have been documenting their violence from the day they took the blinds of my eyes and exposed me to the shocking truth about the radical left. I experienced the fanatical hatred of the radical leftwing fascist foot soldiers first hand.

That’s what this is about.

* * *

Now the above story was essentially what I posted at Indymedia before I posted the slightly revised version here.

I sure went through a lot of trouble and had to fill out many check marks and forms, but finally it got posted.

When going back looking for a reaction, I found this: No Story with ID 797 exists There is a lot of blah, blah on that page, and having spent enough time ticking checkboxes at Indymedia already, I decided to give up on persuing the possible explanations for the comment’s sudden disappearence. | Here the Url of the article i commented on..



Indy Media: Hacktivists aid Danish struggle for Ungdomshuset


The Danish Red-fascist movement is in disarray, because they are to loose their symbol of victory, the infamous communist commandocentral Ungdomshuset at Jagtvej 69 in Copenhagen Denmark, where so many violent threats and attacks against innocent civilians all around the country were coordinated.

Ruth Evensen Faderhuset
Ruth Evensen Faderhuset

The new owner of the house will be the Evangelical Christian movement Faderhuset led by the charismatic Ruth Evensen.

Ruth Evensen has admitted that one of the reasons for not being willing to give up the house at Jagtvej 69, even at a very good price, is that she does not want to bow to threats and violence. Just a week or two ago, the Ungdomshuset launched a violent attack at the Church of Faderhuset, in the middle of a service and with kindergarten age children present. Windows were broken bottles and stones thrown and eighty fascists were arrested.

Display of such courage is neither very common, nor is it very popular these days. The commies and their partners in crime, the left wing media translate that courage as a sign of evil from rediculous “extremist right wing Christians”. The Marxist reds are people who themselves demonstrate and conspire with shady or extremist islamists like Hiz b’ut Tahrir on a daily basis..

Several Danish websites attacked

The Cyber-fascists have managed to kill several Danish websites, besides and its mirror; the Christian Congregation Faderhuset and the Dansk Front, (2) a website that unites mostly young Danes who are in opposition to the anti-national policies, which are in place in Denmark, and who object strongly to the ever-continuing arrivals of shiploads of new mainly muslim immigrants……. I almost forgot; also the website of the Danish National Socialist Party (DNSB) has been down for quite a while too..

One of the companies that hosted two of the downed websites was WannaFind. They cancelled the accounts of the victims because they could not cope with the attack.

Well that’s all perfectly understandable and egitimate. What is not so righteous; WannaFind refuses to pay any money back to the website owners, although they had signed up for a considerable period and at what could be called not exactly discount pricing.

Red Fascists on the prowl in Copenhagen 2006

(foto Snaphanen)

The address of the website of this infamous Ungdomshuset is here:

Other connected sites are REDOX a marxist intelligence agency posing as a “reseach collective watching the extreme right”.

Sadly enough they are used by the marxist and pro multicult media as “experts”, despite their close connections to the street gangs of red-fascist footsoldiers, as are former(?) members of the Extreme left such as the René Karpantschof.

The address of the website of this infamous Ungdomshuset is here:

Other connected sites are REDOX a marxist intelligence agency posing as a “reseach collective watching the extreme right”.

Sadly enough they are used by the marxist and pro multicult media as “experts”, despite their close connections to the street gangs of red-fascist footsoldiers, as are former(?) members of the Extreme left such as the René Karpantschof. is a forum where reds are celebrating their vicories about attacked websites..

REDOX Denmark, a Marxist spying agency, professionally equipped
REDOX – Marxist intelligence service
Professionally equipped financially well backed marxists.
Very secretive about who is involved, but very curious themselves.
(foto Dansk Front)

Perhaps some whitehats have a solution for the deluded “youngsters who have close connections to circles associated with one of the most hideous political crimes ever uncovered in Denmark: Blekingegadebanden, ot The Blekinge Street Gang, a redfascist group that supported the PFLP and had an amazing collection of weapons and explosives.

A policeman was killed in an armed skermish with the Blekingegade Group. The murderer was never found, because the defendants kept their mouth shut. They are all free now after serving their time, and some have again taken up their extreme carreers by helping out the new generation of Che Guevara’s with ideology and advice.

Torkil Lauesen who just at the other gang members could be a murderer, was one of the leading figures of the infamous gang is still active on the extreme left where his time as a “famous” gang member gives him special status among young eager radicals. Because of good connections to Marxist officials in the Municipality of Copenhagen especially Jesper Langebaek he was offered a good position after serving his time for armed robbery. Torkil Lauersen is still refusing to give evidence about the murder of the policeman, and is himself one of tthe three potential killers. An international terrorist with a Swiss passport by the name of Marc Rudin was also involved..

Danish: Flemming Steen Munch har ret (Copenhagen Police Chief Flemming Munch sees fascist train of thought in Ungdomshusets followers)

Torkil Lauersen still has his job…

The Situation on the ground in Balderberg headquarters: and have been chased around from webhost to webhost the last few days by these commies trying to find peace from the persecution. Support I’ll open an account shortly. The anti Commiefascist Defense Fund ?)

Put up a link on your site to the website or the blog is the winner so far, with most uptime!

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